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Experience a pest-free haven with our comprehensive exterior barrier pest control service for your home, seamlessly integrated with our top-tier lawn treatment program. At Perfect Turf, we understand that a lush and vibrant lawn goes hand in hand with a pest-free environment. Our exterior barrier pest control is designed to create a protective shield around your home, keeping unwanted pests at bay. Coupled with our meticulously crafted lawn treatment program, which nourishes your lawn for optimal health and appearance, we offer a simple service solution to enhance both the aesthetics and comfort of your outdoor space. Trust us to deliver a harmonious blend of pest control and lawn care, ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility.


Say goodbye to ticks, fleas, grubs, and a myriad of invasive insects that threaten the serenity of your lush lawn. Our advanced liquid blanket forms an invisible shield, providing a proactive defense against these nuisances. Applied with precision and expertise, it not only targets existing pests but also acts as a deterrent to future infestations. Embrace the joy of a pest-free paradise as our liquid blanket application ensures your lawn remains a vibrant and safe haven for relaxation and enjoyment. Trust us to safeguard the beauty and health of your outdoor space, allowing you to revel in the full glory of your thriving lawn without the worry of unwanted invaders.

Mosquito Program

Embark on a mosquito-free journey with our dedicated mosquito program at Perfect Turf. Our comprehensive approach not only targets existing mosquitoes but also ensures a proactive shield against future hatching. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, we guarantee regular visits to suppress and prevent mosquito-related issues, allowing you to fully relish the great outdoors without the nuisance of these pesky insects. Our experts employ cutting-edge techniques to eliminate current mosquito populations while implementing strategic measures to disrupt their breeding grounds, curbing the potential for future infestations. Trust us to transform your outdoor experience, providing a mosquito-free haven that lets you enjoy every moment in your outdoor oasis.

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Round 1

In the months of Jan, February and early March is an application to prevent unwanted crabgrass and other summer annual weeds. This treatment involves blanket spraying your grass by a technician certified for the job. This round 1 application does not prevent all the weeds in Oklahoma soil, which is why our next round is so important for our climate.

Round 2

In the months of March and April consists of spot spraying those unwanted broadleaf weeds and dandelions to make sure they are non-existent and adding a slow release fertilizer to give your turf a jumpstart to perfection.

Round 3

Is our early summer fertilization. In the months of May to June we apply our summer fertilizer mix to give your grass the nutrients it needs to become healthy and green. During this application broadleaf weeds are spot sprayed to make your turf the perfect spot for a picnic with the family.

Round 4

Is our application that takes place in June and July. This application gives your grass the nutrients it needs to contain that green lush look during those hot summer months and spot spraying the unnecessary broadleaf weeds. This round is super important if you want to be the talk of the neighborhood during the 4th of july barbeque.

Round 5

Is our last fertilizer application for the season. This application gives the turf a boost of nutrients to keep it healthy and green throughout the hot months of July and August. Spot spraying broadleaf weeds during this time is also included in round 5.

Round 6

Involves a broadleaf weed treatment. As Oklahoma weather becomes cooler, the broadleaf weeds want to thrive. Our goal during this time in the months of September and October is keeping the lawn weed free and making sure that the unwanted growth in your turf is exterminated.

Round 7

Takes place in the months of October thru November. This application is a blanket coat on your turf making sure that the soil is enhanced with our root conditioner. This application is extremely important to your soil during the winter months as it keeps it healthy and prepared for the upcoming growing season!